Recess Time

Available Daily from 4pm to 10.30pm

Fried Mushrooms $10
lightly dusted fried bunashimeiji mushrooms, seasalt

Tostada Corn Chips (Gluten Free) $10
served with green harissa, ancho chilli aioli

Luncheon Chips $12
thinly sliced crispy luncheon meat

Truffle and Thyme Fries $12
truffle Oil, thyme Salt, pecorino

Mini Beef Burgers (2 Pcs) $12
Add On: $6 for additional burger

sesame seed bun, beef patties, gherkins, sliced tomatoes, melted cheese & béarnaise sauce

Mini Pork Cheek Burgers (2 Pcs) $12
Add On: $6 for additional burger

braised pork cheeks in balsamic vinegar, chinese bun & kimchi salad

Skyver’s wings $12
asian marinated chicken wings served with thai chili

Sweet Potato Fries (Gluten Free) $14
wasabi mayo

Chargrilled IKA (Gluten Free) $18
served with green harissa

Tuna Poke (Gluten Free) $18
maguro, avocado salsa, togarashi, sesame oil, soyu, tostada chips

Shoyu Saba (Gluten Free) $22
mackerel fillets, crispy root vegetables, gari

Cheese Platter $20
Petite Reblochon, Kikorangi Blue Cheese, Cahill Porter Cheddar
Add On: Smoked Salmon $5 | Prosciutto $6 | Iberico $8


SKYVE Pizza Slabs ~$19~

The Morning After
Egg | Bacon | Mushrooms | Homemade Tomato Sauce

Prosciutto Ham
Arugula salad | Truffle oil

Shrimp on the Barbie
Chipotle BBQ sauce | Prawns | Melted Cheese

Croque Madame
Homemade Tomato Sauce | Honey Baked Ham | Quattro Fromage | Egg

Duck Rillettes | Homemade BBQ sauce | Arugula | Cheese | Crispy Wanton Skins

Funghi’ed Out (v)
Mushroom Ragout | Black Truffle Paste | Pesto | Grated Parmesan

Margherita (v)
Gruyere | Mozzarella | Cheddar | Parmesan | Basil | Cherry tomatoes

The Sleeping Oysters

Available Daily from 6pm to 10.30pm

Oysters Variety changes with the Season Availability (Half Dozen)

Au Naturel $28
served with lemon wedges

Raspberry Mignonette $34
raspberry vinegar, shallots, brown rice vinegar

Lychee ‘Saketini’ Granita $34
lychee & sake sorbet, seaweed “caviar”

Mentaiyaki $34
mentaiko, ebiko, lemon juice, aioli

Kilpatrick $34
lardon of bacon, worchestershire, chives

Ume Uni $36
japanese plum, sea urchin gastrique

*customised half dozen at additional 4*